Finished on

29 September, 2020


chrome extension

Google Meet Self-Hider

When we began to use Google Meet because of the pandemic, my science teacher noticed that find it hard to focus when they can see themselves. He thought up an extension that would allow the user to hide the upper-right self-view. That became Google Meet Self Hider.

Tech Used

  • Plain HTML, JS. + CSS


  • Figma
  • GIMP to edit one of the photos

Notable Things

  • Reached 1,000 installs on April 9, 2021 (an amazing birthday present)
  • Rendered obsolete with Google Meet's redesign. I removed it from the store as it was confusing people. (Hence the bad reviews) 1,000 installs!Google Meet Self Hider

Built with Nextjs andTailwindCSS.

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