Hey there—

I'm Noah. I'm a sophomore at Brown University studying 💻 Computer Science and 🧠 Behavioral Decision Sciences.

On this site, you can find my dev portfolio, some blog posts I've written, and a way to contact me.

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Familiar with

📱 Flutter☕ Java🟪 C#📄 WordPress🐘 PHP☁️ GCP❔ SQL

Experienced with

🐍 Python/Data Science💻 HTML/CSS⚒️ Javascript💾 C/C++⚛️ React🔥 Firebase🐬 TailwindCSS✔️ ChakraUI📂 Terminal🎨 Figma😺 GitHub🔼 Vercel/NextJS


Writing helps me think clearly. By forcing me to articulate my thoughts as a cohesive whole, it helps me to understand problems better. Here you can find pieces I've written on coding, project management, psychology, or anything else that interests me.

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My First Hackathon

October 16, 2022

Some thoughts / notes to myself about participating in hackathons

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Shape Up

September 25, 2022

My thoughts using a new process to plan projects.

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Teaching Coding at my High School

October 6, 2021

My high school is (somehow) letting me teach an Intro to Coding class to my peers. It's been a blast so far.

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